What is your shipping policy?

All of our shipping is done with USPS First Class. It typically takes 1-2 days to process an order before it ships.


Domestic shipping typically takes around 5 days to reach the destination. We are located in Florida, so it may take less time depending on the destination location.


We do ship internationally, though it generally takes much longer to reach the destination. It also depends on where the package is going but it could take anywhere from 7-14 days.


What are your products made out of?

Most of our products are 100% cotton, with exception to the Threadz Bracelet, which has a nylon tie. The D-rings in the yoga bag straps are also nickel free metal.


How do I order wholesale?

For information on wholesaling Valkyrie Threadz, please see the Wholesale button at the bottom of the page or click here.


How do I put on the wrist wraps?

Putting on wrist wraps is so easy, but may be confusing if you're used to the velcro kind. Here's how:

1. Hold the flat edge end to one wrist loosely with your pinkie finger to keep it in place.

2. Gently begin to wrap around your wrist. 

3. Continue to wrap the string around the fabric, and tuck the end with the knot under the string that's been already wrapped, securing it down.

4. To tighten, turn the wrap in the direction you wrapped it. To loosen it, turn the wrap in the opposite direction. 

For a visual aid, click here.